Facts About Our DNA Testing Services

Journey Genetic Testing has seen direct to consumer DNA testing become more popular, and more affordable, since we began offering these services. We understand that while you might be familiar with DNA testing from TV shows like Maury, Paternity Court, and CSI, this might be the first time you’ve considered a DNA test for yourself, a loved one, or a friend. Our DNA Consultants have helped thousands of others who have gone through the same situation you are in now.

We have been fortunate to become a leader in providing ways to prove the biological relationship between two or more people. You can always be confident that the results we provide you from our many DNA test options, are correct and reliable. Our partner laboratory runs every paternity DNA sample twice to make certain you are provided with 100% accurate results. Once all of your DNA samples arrive in our lab, their arrival is recorded, and your are notified testing has begun. The lab technicians immediately divide the swabs into two different groups. Independent teams then get right to work performing two separate DNA tests. Every step of the way your DNA samples are tracked, identified, and checked against the records of your case, and a laboratory staff member must sign off at each point of the process.

DNA Testing Options To Fit Your Need

 Listed below are the many DNA tests that we offer to help you on your personal journey to truth through DNA testing. All of our DNA tests are available with a no interest, no credit check payment plan.

Paternity Test Determines if a man is the biological father of a child1 business day
Maternity Test Determines if a woman is the biological mother of a child. (used in adoption/IVF cases)1 business day
Prenatal Paternity TestMother, alleged father(s), prenatal sample. Non-invasive.3-7 business days
Grandparent DNA TestOne or both grandparents/child/mother (optional). Paternity without father.2 business days
Full Siblingship TestTwo or more suspected full siblings/mother (optional). Determines if both parents are shared.2 business days
Half Siblingship TestTwo or more suspected full siblings/mother (optional). Determines if they have the same father.2 business days
Avuncular DNA TestAlleged uncle or aunt/child/mother (optional). Paternity through father’s full siblings.2 business days
Y-STR DNA TestTwo or more males. Determines if the males tested share the same paternal lineage.3-5 business days
Twin Zygosity TestTwo or more multiples. Determines if those testing are “identical” or “fraternal”1 business day
DNA ProfilingIndividual DNA profile for identification purposes1 business day
DNA BankingSecure storage of DNA samples for 15 years3 business days

Laboratory Accreditation

Journey Genetic Testing has partnered with the most accredited DNA testing laboratory in the United States (AABB, CAP, CLIA, NATA, ANAB, Ministry of Justice, ISO/IEC 17025). The lab is also approved by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). All of our DNA collectors are AABB trained/certified.

Home DNA Test Kit Process:

  1. Order your home DNA test kit online 24/7 without anyone pressuring you to make a decision.
  2. Your DNA collection kit arrives by mail typically 2-3 days as it is shipped USPS Priority Mail (U.S.A. addresses).
  3. It is easy to collect your DNA samples using the provided mouth swabs. We provide easy to follow instructions in your DNA test kit.
  4. Place your DNA samples in the prepaid Next Day FedEx shipping envelope (U.S.A. addresses only).
  5. Place your FedEx envelope in a FedEx drop box or local FedEx store.
  6. Your DNA test results will be emailed to you in 1-2 business days.

Legal DNA Test Process:

  1. Order your legal DNA test kit online 24/7 without anyone pressuring you to make a decision.
  2. Your DNA collection will be scheduled with a professional DNA collector, and you will be notified of the appointment(s).
  3. Your collection appointment is already paid for, and all you need to bring is government issued picture identification.
  4. The DNA professional will collect your samples, and complete all necessary paperwork with you.
  5. Your DNA samples will be sent to the lab using FedEx’s Next Day delivery. Your testing begins when the lab receives your samples.
  6. Your DNA test results will be provided to you in 1-2 business days.