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We understand that no two journeys are alike, and that the situation that has brought you to us is personal and important to you.

Our goal is to treat you with understanding for where you are, respect for you on your journey to truth, honesty in providing you information, and maintaining your privacy throughout the entire process, as well as in the future.

We Provide You Options

We provide both at home private testing, as well as legal testing if the need exists. Our Genetic Consultants are here to advise you if you want, and help you decide what is the best option at the lowest price. If legal testing is needed, we have over 3,500 trained professionals to collect your DNA, and usually at a site close to your home or office.

Why You Can Trust Us

When you choose to have your DNA tested by us, you will be receiving services from the most trusted laboratory in the U.S.A., and perhaps even the world. Our results for both peace of mind testing using one of our home DNA kits, as well as our legal testing options, are guaranteed to be 100% accurate, and every test is reviewed and signed by a Ph.D. We understand that the results we provide are too important to make a mistake on. Legal testing will be court admissible and trusted for any legal situation including immigration, changing the name on a birth certificate, adoption releases, probate issues, child support/custody cases, and IRS dependent verification.

Journey Genetic Testing results are trusted by over 32,000 clients